• I had the OG Carrot juice and it was delicious and spicy (from the ginger)!
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Nips Juice House

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今天:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00休息中 將於明天AM 10:00開始營業
  • 星期一:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00
  • 星期二:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00
  • 星期三:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00
  • 星期四:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00
  • 星期五:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期六:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期天:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00


  • Ja-Naia A.
    Ja-Naia A.2020/5/24
    We stumbled upon Spin on our way to Giant and I am so glad we did. With big name brands like Smoothie King and Tropical 更多
  • Shaina F.
    Shaina F.2020/6/13
    So I've been here 3 times in the past 4 days and that's a lot for me. I've driven past this place multiple times since i更多
  • Lynette H.
    Lynette H.2020/6/20
    Great menu options for juices and smoothies alike everything has a vegan or vegetarian options. I've been there on sever更多
  • Michel-le' I.
    Michel-le' I.2020/6/12
    As a smoothie king regular I was a bit apprehensive to give Spin a try but I am so glad I did! I loved that I was welcom更多
  • Talisha R.
    Talisha R.2019/9/7
    First visit, it wasn't busy and I was able to order and get what I wanted. Second visit, it was very busy. They didn't h更多


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  • 類別: Smoothies, Restaurant, Candy & Sweets
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