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    今天:早上 7:30 - 晚上 6:30營業中
    • 星期一:早上 7:30 - 晚上 6:30
    • 星期二:早上 7:30 - 晚上 6:30
    • 星期三:早上 7:30 - 晚上 6:30
    • 星期四:早上 7:30 - 晚上 6:30
    • 星期五:早上 7:30 - 晚上 6:30


    • Spencer G.
      Spencer G.2009/8/28
      A clean house is important to me. It keeps me sane. I've used Castle for quite some time now and have always been very h更多
    • Tracye G.
      Tracye G.2019/4/8
      PHENOMENAL...Very Professional, punctual and customer service oriented which is imperative. I was amazingly impressed wi更多
      Annette G.2010/6/15
      The short story: Not good. Not good at all. The long story: Chose these guys because they're green, mid-priced, and brin更多
    • Reggie G.
      Reggie G.2009/2/26
      God, I hate to do this. I had repeated scheduling issues with the company so they don't come anymore. They are so nice t更多
    • Steve M.
      Steve M.2010/1/24
      Never had an issue with scheduling. Actually, they come earlier than they even open for me each time because I work earl更多


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