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Resume Not Required

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    Total Scam, Please do not listen to Dr. Jobs advice. They are not helpful and just a waste of money and time. They are 更多


  • 介紹: Resume Not Required (RNR) is a full service agency that offers a variety of job search and representation services to both individuals and organizations. The RNR staff has over 30 years of collective experience in the employment services industry. One thing we all had in common is the frustration we felt when traditional job search methods failed job candidates, both young and old, time and time again. It seemed as though no matter how great their resume looked, or how many networking lunches and social media groups they belonged to, these candidates were still not getting the results they truly deserved. It was out of this frustration that came the knowledge of what did and did not work, and what could be improved upon to get more stellar results. The solutions gave birth to RNR's fundamental programs, including the Job Seeker Certification program!
  • 類別: General Employment Placement
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