• 介紹: Particle has enjoyed a reputation of excellence in graphic design, helping clients transform information into dynamic, focused visual messages since 1987. Our creative process is inspired by our sincere interest in effective problem-solving and generating maximum impact for our clients. Our clients are progressive-thinking people, each with unique products, services or messages and a pure desire to be at the top of their marketplace. They all know the value of a strong visual identity for every aspect of their communication and marketing efforts. Particle's name reflects the way we see our role in the creative process. In physics, particles are tiny bits of matter that are building blocks from which everything is made. We see ourselves as the building block our clients can count on when it comes to establishing and maintaining a strong visual identity in print and on the internet. Although small, we have produced a large body of great work. We concentrate on building strong client relationships based on mutual respect for quality and effectiveness. This web site is organized into three major sections based on our areas of special interest. They are Print Design for Non-Profit Organizations and Retail, Commercial and Corporate Clients, and Web Site Design for all Clients. As consumers, we are continuously bombarded with images, information, and visual noise that compete for our attention. Our clients know that a unique, well thought-out design strategy is an essential component of any marketing or communication effort. A beautifully designed brochure, annual report, media kit, newsletter or catalog that makes a lasting impression and delivers results is a smart investment in their company. Particle has been designing and developing unique client web sites since 1995 when we helped PBS launch their very first web site. Much has changed since then but what hasn't changed is our commitment to the importance of information and simple effective communication. At Particle we do not promote a style that is uniquely our own. We develop a style that is uniquely our client's and one that will enhance the communication process and make for a very simple and clear user experience. We do this with elegant graphic interface treatments built with basic html code that will function on any browser. To learn more about us, or to discuss your visual communication needs, please send us an e-mail at or call 240-472-3417.
    • 類別: Graphic Design
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