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Shanghai Taste

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今天:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30營業中
  • 星期一:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30
  • 星期二:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30
  • 星期三:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30
  • 星期四:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30
  • 星期五:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30
  • 星期六:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30
  • 星期天:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:30


  • Sharon L.
    Sharon L.2019/11/5
    My family comes here way more than we ever need to, but with the steaming bamboo containers in your face, the sound of l更多
  • Megan A.
    Megan A.2019/10/14
    The dim sum here always hits the spot. Xiaolongbao is done nicely, Hainanese chicken and rice was delicious, and the won更多
  • Jerry Z.
    Jerry Z.2019/10/8
    Good: super authentic Shanghainese food. This place offers a variety of options and I was really impressed by many of th更多
  • Robert C.
    Robert C.2019/10/2
    I'm not sure why the soup dumplings're popular here. They don't really have any soup inside & they only have pork dumpli更多
  • Mary Z.
    Mary Z.2019/9/15
    I took some friends here because we wanted to get the pan fried buns. I had these when i went to California and was hopi更多


  • 介紹: We have lots of specialties some of my favorites are called the Salty Crispy Fish, Beef noodle soup, Noodles with shredded beef and pepper, xiao long bao ( soup dumplings), salt & pepper pork chop, Sticky rice cakes with chicken last but definitely not the least Pan fried soup dumplings. I opened this restaurant for people to know a little about our culture and what I ate growing up. Every time I would eat the food I thought about me being in shanghai. I wanted to share our culture with people from different cultures to feel like they were in shanghai. I wanted this restaurant to be unique so I decided to create authentic Shanghainese food.
  • 類別: Shanghainese Restaurant, Family Style Restaurant
  • 特色: Waiter Service, Tv
  • 停車位: Lot
  • 特色: Family Friendly
  • 預訂須知: Not Accepted
  • 本店均消: $$$$
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