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    • 介紹: Winslow Carpentry, Inc has been serving Northern Virginia residential and commercial builders and residents since 1995. The company was founded by Mark Winslow, who has been in the construction industry for over 25 years. In the new home industry, he has implemented a unique business model that places a full-time supervisor at each job site, ensuring proper attention for every home. With innovations like these, Winslow Carpentry has grown and become more effective in its operations every year since its inception. Winslow Carpentry's new corporate headquarters, which opened in 2005 in Chantilly, Virginia, has given us a broader platform from which to manage and operate our business. At the new-home jobsite, our experienced crews, our fleet of on-site forklifts and crane enable us to frame each home quickly and efficiently, while making no sacrifices for quality. In the remodeling market, we have combined this philosophy of quality and efficiency with dedicated customer care to ensure success at every level of the project and achieve complete customer satisfaction. We have projects throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Loudoun County, Prince William County, Fredericksburg and West Virginia. Winslow Carpentry's vision is to provide top-quality new construction and remodeling by maintaining the highest level of workmanship in a safe and efficient work environment. We believe the success of our company depends upon our people, so we take great care in finding the most talented and hard-working employees to provide the best service to our customers. Our company values every business relationship we make, and we strive to bring success to our people and our clients equally.
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