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今天:上午 9:00 - 下午 1:00休息中 將於明天AM 9:00開始營業
  • 星期一:上午 9:00 - 下午 1:00
  • 星期二:上午 9:00 - 下午 1:00
  • 星期三:上午 9:00 - 下午 1:00
  • 星期四:上午 9:00 - 下午 1:00
  • 星期五:上午 9:00 - 下午 1:00


  • 介紹: Document Scanning Services:Low Cost scanning using High Speed scanners. We scan any type and size of paper documents and deliver for download to your computer. The resulting images can be indexed or made word searchable. We are an Alchemy Gold service center. If desired document shredding is available after scanning. If you have handwritten data that must be captured with manual data entry, we have professional software that provides 100% key verification for accuracy. Call now for a free quote or to get answers to your questions. Our company (S.A.I.D., Inc.) was established in 1962 and has been in the data capture business ever since. We are located just inside the Washington beltway near Tysons Corner. Our managers are certified in the data management field. Our staff averages well over 15 years with our company. All work is done in our facilities here in the US under our direct supervision. This will give you a quality and secure product.
  • 類別: Printing Service, Data Preparation & Processing, Business Service, Government & Community, Photocopying, Electronic Publishing, Computer Repair, Computer Software
  • 其他連絡資訊: 傳真: (703) 536-2528


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