• I choose this as my logo because A. It looks like my Jack Russell and B. I believe all dogs are Smart Dogs!
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  • Training a bird to take medicine. They are a little pickier than dogs- you can't just wrap it in a piece of cheese!
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  • Teaching how to play fetch!
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Smart Dog

今天:上午 9:00 - 晚上 7:00營業中
  • 星期一:上午 9:00 - 晚上 7:00
  • 星期二:上午 9:00 - 晚上 7:00
  • 星期三:上午 9:00 - 晚上 7:00
  • 星期四:上午 9:00 - 晚上 7:00
  • 星期五:上午 9:00 - 晚上 7:00
  • 星期六:上午 9:00 - 中午 12:00


  • 介紹: Are you busy with work, family, life? Want a well-trained dog and polite household companion but don't know where you'll find the time for classes or private training? Then Smart Dog is for you. We train your dog in your home. Then we teach your dog to do his new "tricks" for you, too. Simple as that. You can attend the training sessions or feel free to go to work, run errands, or take the kids to soccer practice. At Smart Dog we don't believe dog owners should have to be dog trainers, too. We currently serve Washington DC, Arlington, McLean, and Alexandria. Check out our website to download our FREE ebook "5 Ways to Get You Dog to Listen"!
  • 類別: Animal Training


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