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  • Panoramic  view of our new 5000 sf - everything for the passionate woodworker store.
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The Woodworkers Club

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今天:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00休息中 將於今天AM 10:00開始營業
  • 星期一:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期二:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期三:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期四:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期五:上午 10:00 - 晚上 9:00
  • 星期六:上午 10:00 - 晚上 6:00
  • 星期天:上午 10:00 - 下午 5:00


  • Casey S.
    Casey S.2014/1/28
    Truly an amazing place! I've never been to a store or woodworking shop as cool and unique as the woodworkers club in Roc更多
  • Naima W.
    Naima W.2019/3/23
    I really want to give this place 5 stars for customer service and the specialty wood supplies. If I hadn't interacted wi更多
  • Ed W.
    Ed W.2019/1/10
    They have a great selection of exotic wood at a great price. But my problem was that they have to take down your persona更多
  • Carrie G.
    Carrie G.2018/10/3
    I have taken a few classes at the Wwodworkers Club and have found them all to be excellent. I recently finished Adrian S更多
  • S V.
    S V.2018/3/4
    They're business targets high end hobbyists with particular interests and deep pockets to buy tools. That's fine but wha更多


  • 介紹: Woodworking tools, supplies, hardware, wood and expertise on how to use it all to create whatever you can imagine. Education - From Fundamentals of Woodworking, Cabinet Construction, Crown Molding, Lathe Turning, Safety Training, Finishing, etc. Membership Woodshop - Think of it as a fitness center for the creative woodworker. . Woodworkers Club is a franchise lcation of Woodcraft Stores. www.woodworkersclub.com
  • 類別: Hardware & Tools, Picture Framing, Technical School, Lumber & Wood Product, Carpenter, Home & Garden Retailer, Lumber, Machinery & Tools
  • 其他連絡資訊: 傳真: (301) 984-8125
  • 停車位: Lot
  • 本店均消: $$$$


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